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The Saving Word Sunday Bulletin

The Saving Word

Why use a bulletin for weekend Masses?

From the moment parishioners pick up a copy of "The Saving Word" bulletin before Mass begins they can reflect on God's message. Also they can refer to it again at home after Mass.

The Saving Word bulletin is a support to full conscious and active participation in the Mass.

Meeting the service need of parishes around Australia, St Pauls Publications is now publishing The Saving Word in both A3 and A4 sizes.

Now available in A4 and A3 sizes and in 4 colour

Comparing the the A3 and A4 bulletins

Both bulletins will have the same content:

  • An artistic drawing illustrating the Gospel Reading of the day
  • First and Second Reading
  • Responsorial Psalm
  • Gospel Reading
  • Reflection
  • The different between them is the size

Advantages of the new A3 Bulletin size.

  • Larger font size
  • Double the space available for parish news and local content from schools, the parish priest and community
  • Quality paper that can be used in photocopiers without fear of jams or smearing

Advantages in providing The Saving Word

  • Parishioners can follow and participate in the Liturgy of the Word
  • It is an excellent tool for the hearing-impaired and catechumens
  • Reflection on the reading are from local authors who are respected
  • St Pauls has been publishing The Saving Word for over 35 years; the service delivery and content of their bulletins can be trusted
  • For busy, time-poor parishes the bulletin is a great tool
  • The Saving Word is ideal for Bible discussion, RCIA, and prayer
  • Parish notices can be printed on the reverse side of the sheet

How much does The Saving Word cost?

Bulletin SizePer 50 copiesPer 100 copies
A4 (4 colour) $7.25 $9.50
A3 (4 colour) $10.00 $12.50


Orders accepted in multiples of 50. Postage not included in price. Prices are in AUD. No GST charged for members of the Catholic Church Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can we order The Saving Word Bulletin?
A. Simply send an email (or fax on your parish letterhead) to St Pauls Publications indicating how many copies of the relevant size your parish requires.

Q. What if my parish needs extra bulletins at busy times of the year such as Easter and Christmas?
A. We make this very easy for any parish. Simply email or fax St Pauls and tell us how many extra copies you need and then you can photocopy these yourself. Why St Pauls needs to know how many copies you make is that we are contractually obliged to pay royalties on all copies printed.

Q. How soon can I order bulletins?
A. Once St Pauls receives your faxed order it will take between one and two weeks to send you your first bulletins. Bulletins are printed and dispatched in 4-weekly cycles and your parish will receive the new bulletins two weeks before the beginning of each 4-week batch.

Q. Can subscriptions to bulletins be altered?
A. Yes they can. Simply email or fax your needs to St Pauls and your subscription will be amended. Please note that because the bulletins are printed in 4-week batches it takes between 6 and 8 weeks to make changes. There are no contract periods involved, To cancel, inform St Puals by email or fax and your parish details will be deleted from the next mail-out of copies. Again it may take 6 to 8 weeks before you stop receiving copies.

Q. How does the parish pay?
A. Four weeks of bulletins are sent out at a time, and an invoice is enclosed. This should be paid within 30 days.


To Begin subscribing

On your parish letterhead indicate the quantity and the size you require and mail, fax or email:

Mail Address
St Pauls Publications
PO Box 906
Strathfield NSW 2135

Tel: 02 9394 3400
Fax: 02 9746 1140

Tel (international): +61 2 9394 3400
Fax (international): +61 2 9746 1140

Email Sales:

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