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I regularly found myself agreeing strongly

By: 'Neil Ormerod' - 4th of August 2008

There is much to like about this book. It provides a solid introduction to the thought and writings of Joseph Ratzinger together with those of Pope John Paul II. He [the author, Tilley – Ed.] writes with intelligence and wit, at times in a folksy way. He has identified key issues in Ratzinger’s thought, the concerns with modern relativism, subjectivism and individualism, the loss of a sense of tradition and so on. He explains complex philosophical and theological terms and debates in a way which makes them intelligible to a lay readership. I regularly found myself agreeing strongly with points and analyses made by the author in relation to the concerns of relativism and so on.


– Excerpt from Neil Ormerod, Review of ’Benedict XVI and the Search for Truth’ by Robert Tilley in ‘The Australasian Catholic Record’, vol. 85, no. 3 (July 2008).

Guide to the thought of Pope Benedict XVI

By: 'Kevin Mark' - 25th of March 2009

Guide to the thought of Pope Benedict XVI, arguing that there is continuity between his prolific theological writings as Joseph Ratzinger and his first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est. The book is based on an adult education course and seeks to be accessible to a wide audience. Focuses on the philosophical principles of Benedict’s thought and argues that fundamentally his is a quest for truth. First chapter includes a biographical overview. Endnotes; bibliography.


Author received Divinity Honours and Masters degrees, and a PhD, from the University of Sydney. Converted to the Catholic Church in 1997 and is an accredited lecturer in theology at the Sydney College of Divinity and a lecturer in arts, philosophy and religion at Aquinas Academy, Sydney.


– Kevin Mark, Review of ‘Benedict XVI and the Search for Truth’ by Robert Tilley in ‘Compass’ vol. 43, no. 1 (Autumn) 2009. See <>.


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