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My Baptism Remembrance Book
By Moss FSP, Mary Martha (Author)
 more information

Category: Children's Sacramental Resources,Children - All

$39.95 AUD
Queen of Apostles Prayer Book: A Catholic Treasury
By Daughters of St Paul (Author)
"The Queen of the Apostles Prayer Book has returned, in a new, up-to-date edition." more information

Category: Prayer Books

$69.95 AUD
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The Prodigal You Love
By Noble FSP, Theresa Aletheia (Author)
"When your loved one falls away from the Church, treat them gently and with great love." more information

Category: Spirituality,Christian Family

$22.95 AUD
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Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach
By Hurd, R. Scott (Author)
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Category: Spirituality

$18.95 AUD
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Angels: Help from on High
By Trouve,FSP, Marriane Lorraine (Author)
"Let the prayers and stories of real people who have had help from the angels open your heart to the care they can provide for you. Angels have gotten some bad press. Artists often depict them as chubby babies with wings, flying lazily around clouds dotting a blue sky. But who would ever turn to such creatures for protection or help? Wouldn't that be like asking a two-year-old to balance your checkbook or change a flat tire? We can't see angels, and perhaps this is why artists often come up with the chubby babies. According to Scripture, angels are mighty beings. Anyone who can snap the seven thunders to attention gets our respect. And God has given the angels to us as our helpers, protectors, and friends. They're on our side. They'll help us in all the difficulties that may creep into our lives. Their main job is to help us spiritually, but they also help us in all of life's problems. When the heat of temptation starts to burn, the angels come to our aid. When our relationships spin out of control like a jackknifed eighteen-wheeler, the angels come to our aid. When we have to mark another week of unemployment on the calendar, the angels come to our aid. No matter what upheavals we face, we can count on the angels. Drawing from the official teaching of the Church, popular devotion, and the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas, this book provides information about the angels. It also contains stories of encountering the angels, and a collection of prayers for their intercession." more information

Category: Prayer & Devotion

$15.95 AUD
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Living the Beatitudes
By Bransfield, J. Brian (Author)
 more information

Category: Spirituality,General Resources

$28.95 AUD
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Angel of God, My Guardian Dear
By Tebo, FSP, Mary Elizabeth (Author)
 more information

Category: Children - All

$23.95 AUD
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The Sanctifier
By Martinez, Archbishop Luis M. (Author)
"The only complete and unabridged edition of this classic work currently available in English In The Sanctifier, one of the most fascinating books on the Holy Spirit ever written, Archbishop Martinez reveals the secret of holiness. Step by step, he guides us to understand the gentle ways in which the Spirit acts in our lives. The author explains how the Spirit is present to us and leads us to the Father and the Son, especially through the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. He then focuses on the seven gifts, which make us attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Along with the gifts, we discover the consoling fruits of the Spirit, such as joy, peace, and patience. Finally, Martinez crowns his work with a masterful explanation of the beatitudes, the summit of the Christian life. Luis M. Martinez (d. 1956), the archbishop of Mexico City, wrote many popular works on religion and spirituality. Among them all, The Sanctifier stands out as his classic work on the Holy Spirit." more information

Category: Spirituality,General Resources

$36.95 AUD
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Saint John Paul II: Be Not Afraid
By Wallace, FSP, Susan Helen (Author)
"Those who read the life of Blessed John Paul II will be inspired to live their faith with courage and enthusiasm. John Paul II never let oppression and tyranny spoil his dreams or dampen his faith. He never tired of telling the world: Do not be afraid. It is a message every child needs to hear as they try to be a true follower of Jesus. Ages 9 to 12." more information

Category: Saints & Biographies,Children - All,John Paul II

$17.95 AUD
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Be Not Afraid: Wisdom from John Paul II
By John Paul II, Pope (Author)
"This collection contains famous writings, audiences, and homilies from the beloved Saint John Paul II." more information

Category: General Resources,John Paul II

$21.95 AUD
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Bible Stories for Little Ones
By Stott, Apryl (Author)
"This collection of twenty Bible stories is drawn from both the Old and New Testaments." more information

Category: Children's Bibles

$35.95 AUD
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Face to Face with Jesus
By Forte, Archbishop Bruno (Author)
 more information

Category: Spirituality,Scriptural Reflection

$20.95 AUD
God is with Me: Always and Everywhere
By Blinsky, Cornelia Mary (Author)
"Ages 4 to 7 years" more information

Category: Children - All,Catechesis, RCIA, Schools & RE

$25.50 AUD
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Guardian of the Redeemer Anniversary Edition (Redemptoris Custos)
By John Paul II, Pope (Author)
"Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II's apostolic exhortation Guardian of the Redeemer with this expanded edition that offers a rich commentary and invites us to reflect on Saint Joseph as a model of faith." more information

Category: Church Documents & Teachings

$16.95 AUD
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Mary: Help in Hard Times - Stories & Prayers
By Trouve,FSP, Marriane Lorraine (Author)
 more information

Category: Mary

$19.50 AUD
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My First Communion Remembrance Book
By Arbogast, Joan Marie (Author)
 more information

Category: Gift Books and Products,Children's Sacramental Resources,First Holy Communion

$46.95 AUD
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Secret to Happiness: Wisdom from John XXIII
By John XXIII (Author)
"This collection contains famous and lesser-known writings from the humble 20th century giant, Saint John XXIII" more information

Category: Saints & Biographies

$19.95 AUD
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Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction
By Jenkins, Diana R. (Author)
"Are you on the offense and your older kids/younger teens on the defense when it comes to talking about tough topics? Then kickoff with Tackling Tough Topics with Faith and Fiction!" more information

Category: Christian Family,Catechesis, RCIA, Schools & RE

$24.95 AUD
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Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean
By Leigh, Britt (Author)
"I. Thou shalt ignore the pimple on my lip." more information

Category: Christian Family,Children - All

$15.95 AUD
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Jorge from Argentina: The Story of Pope Francis for Children
By Monge, FSP Sr Marlyn (Author)
"The Story of Pope Francis for Children" more information

Category: Children - All,Pope Francis

$20.95 AUD
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