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Icon in My Pocket, The
By Wickstrom, Owe (Author)
"This book, superbly translated from the original Swedish, reflects on our modern obsession with travel whilst yet discussing existential questions." more information

Category: Spirituality

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My Missal (5th Edition with New Translation and Profession of Faith)
By Rota, Cornelia (Author)
 more information

Category: Gift Books and Products,Children's Sacramental Resources,Children's Books,First Holy Communion

$7.95 AUD
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50 Days of Glory
By FitzPatrick, James; Woodward, Dorothy (Author)
"The scripture readings, reflections, meditations, thanksgiving prayers will help you to live with Christ the final glory days of his earthly life." more information

Category: Prayer & Devotion,Seasonal Reading,Lent & Easter

$5.95 AUD
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Identity and Mission in Catholic Agencies
By Ormerod, Neil (Author)
"A significant Australian contribution to ongoing discussion about issues and problems which face Catholic agencies in their coming to grips with their mission and identity." more information

Category: Church, Faith, Mission & Explanations,Catechesis, RCIA, Schools & RE

$17.95 AUD
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Celebrating with Children: Volume I Resources
By Borg, Fr. Robert; Kelly, Dr Gerard; Lucas, Fr. Brian (Author)
"This is a revised edition of thie popular children's liturgy resource, first published in 1990. This new edition in two volumes includes the revised translation of the Order of Mass." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources,General Resources,Catechesis, RCIA, Schools & RE,New Roman Missal Resources

$29.95 AUD
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God Among Us: Australian Images of Jesus
By Farrell, RSM, Marie (Author)
"From the author of the very popular She Who Believed: Australian Images of Mary, comes this wonderful little book with representations of Jesus." more information

Category: Prayer & Devotion,General Resources,Gift Books and Products

$29.95 AUD
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We Learn the Rite of Penance
By Maher, Lesley and Moore, Gerard (Author)
"Designed to help children aged 5 to 9 years learn about the celebration of the Rite of Penance." more information

Category: Gift Books and Products,Children's Sacramental Resources,Catechesis, RCIA, Schools & RE

$7.95 AUD
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A Light for My Path: Scripture Prayer Journal
By Barker MGL, Fr Ken (Author)
"This Scripture prayer journal grew out of a request made by young people looking for a simple structure for daily prayer. It is designed to help them and, indeed, anyone pray with the Scriptures for a continuous period of thirty weeks. It can be used by individuals in their personal prayer time, and also by groups who meet regularly." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources,Prayer & Devotion,General Resources,Catechesis, RCIA, Schools & RE,Diaries & Calendars

$14.95 AUD
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Globalisation and the Church
By Ormerod, Neil; Oslington, Paul (co-editors) (Author)
"Pope Benedict XVI's 2009 encyclical Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) reframes many questions about globalization, including what Benedict calls the principle of gratuity in economic relations, a recognition of the plurality of corporate activities within a market economy, and a new emphasis on sustainability." more information

Category: Church, Faith, Mission & Explanations,General Resources

$24.95 AUD
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Beyond the Culture of Care
By Moran, Frances (Author)
"Western culture has largely souled-out to the forces of the all pervasive marketplace in which everything has a dollar value, even human beings. How can we provide a pastoral response to the market mentality?" more information

Category: Moral Values, Pastoral Care

$14.95 AUD
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Documents of Vatican II, The
By Vatican Translation (Author)
"The 16 documents of the Second Vatican Council (1963-65) are included in this volume together with Notes and an Index. Ideal for students." more information

Category: Church Documents & Teachings

$17.95 AUD
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Future of the Sacrament of Penance, The
By O'Loughlin, Frank (Author)
"There is no doubt that Jesus called his first disciples, and he calls us, to conversion. Yet the sacrament of penance has fallen on hard times over recent decades." more information

Category: Sacraments

$11.95 AUD
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Life to Me Is Christ
By Rush, Ormond and Coman, Mary Editors (Author)
"Archbishop Francis Roberts Rush, the fifth Archbishop of Brisbane, was a saintly man, a superb leader but, above all, a brilliant preacher." more information

Category: Church Documents & Teachings,Spirituality,Priesthood

$29.95 AUD
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Living with Anxiety Another Way
By Masquin, Dr Louis (Author)
"The author looks at anxiety and fear from a medical and psychological perspective and the therapeutic treatments that are available. He offers a spiritual interpretation to put anxiety into its true perspective." more information

Category: Spirituality

$14.95 AUD
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Mary: A Window to the Light
By Bowring, Barbara; Farrell RSM, Marie T. (Author)
"The beautiful East Window of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in Randwick, NSW, celebrates the life of Mary within the life and mission of Jesus. A beautiful gift book, ideal for meditation." more information

Category: Mary,Gift Books and Products,Gift Giving for Women

$9.95 AUD
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She Who Believed
By Farrell, RSM, Marie (Author)
"This unique and inspirational gift book contains a collection of paintings and sculptures of Mary in our Australian context." more information

Category: Mary

$29.95 AUD
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Through Ecological Eyes
By Leal, Robert Barry (Author)
"Offers a sensible and considered reflection on the environmental crises Australians face." more information

Category: General Resources

$14.95 AUD
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Valley Way of Soul, The
By del Nevo, Matthew (Author)
"Spirituality is about fire and light, purity and will. Melancholy is more about mist and rain, the softness and intimacy of dusk. Melancholy is the middle way, the valley way, to authentic spirituality." more information

Category: Spirituality

$19.95 AUD
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Way of the Cross, The
By Levivier, Juliette (Author)
"A book to help children learn to meditate on the Passion of Jesus. Beautifully illustrated and in simple language." more information

Category: Children's Books,Catechesis, RCIA, Schools & RE,Seasonal Reading,Lent & Easter

$9.95 AUD
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Song of Love: The Canticle of Canticles
By Sala, Renzo (Author)
"This gift edition of the Song of Songs is illustrated throughout with beautiful icons. It is an ideal gift for a couple in love, and indeed for anyone in love with God." more information

Category: Spirituality

$9.95 AUD
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