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Daily Mass Book 2014
By Liturgy Brisbane (Author)
"The DAILY MASS BOOK runs from Advent to Advent. Compact and economical, its 600 pages are printed in two colours throughout and its layout is very easy to follow. It contains all the texts for Sunday and weekday Mass." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources,Diaries & Calendars

$20.00 AUD
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Ordo 2014
By Liturgy Brisbane (Author)
"The official ORDO for Australia and New Zealand is an indispensable reference for liturgy planning, that is a requirement in every sacristy and church office." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources,Diaries & Calendars

$11.00 AUD
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Life is Changed not Ended - A workbook for preparing a Catholic funeral.
By Elich, Tom (Author)
"The days after a death are emotionally demanding and very busy. With this workbook in their hands, bereaved family members will be able to help shape a funeral rite which meets their needs." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources

$15.00 AUD
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When We Marry
By Liturgical Commission Brisbane (Author)
"This book helps the engaged couple to understand the way the marriage rite is organised and guides them in planning it." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources,Sacraments

$11.00 AUD
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