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Following Jesus Every Day

How Believing Transforms Living

By Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn (Author)
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How can Christians really live what we believe as followers of Christ? How can our faith in Jesus transform our daily lives? In simple but profound words and vibrant images from the renowned Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, the doctrine and the practice of the faith are fruitfully brought together to help us truly to follow Jesus every day.

Cardinal Schönborn addresses the basic questions of Christian morality, and how we live what we believe as followers of Christ. He shows how we are not left alone in the difficult task of coping with life’s challenges: God’s grace is a strong help for us. Thanks to this divine help, good moral conduct is possible— as we see in the shining examples of the saints.

The Cardinal leads from the basic question—What is ethical conduct, and how is it possible?—to the question of holiness: How are we to become saints? Each of his reflections on morality begins with human experience, and then leads into a discussion of the specific character of Christian morality. He explores many important questions about Christian moral living, referring to the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as insights from the Church Fathers and the saints on such topics as sin, grace, freedom, virtue, conscience, holiness, and more.

Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, is a renowned spiritual teacher and writer. He has authored numerous books including Jesus, the Divine PhysicianChance or Purpose?Behold, God's Son, and Living the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Title:Following Jesus Every Day
Author:Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn
Paperback165 pages
Publisher:Ignatius Press


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