ST PAULS - Guide for Servers - Shadduck, Robert D, Turner, Paul, WILLIAMSON, TODD & Laughlin, Corrina

Guide for Servers

By Shadduck, Robert D, Turner, Paul, WILLIAMSON, TODD & Laughlin, Corrina (Author)
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This is the perfect resource for all your older servers - teens, young adults, college students, and adults. Effective for training those new to the ministry and for rejuvenating the work of veterans, the book can be used by individuals or groups. It gives servers the background and tools they need to pray, study, and serve in the liturgy. Inside you'll find a pastoral, inviting format and style, including:

A basic theological and historical overview of the ministry
Catechesis about liturgy, ritual, and symbols
Ways to deepen your prayer life
Theological reflection on the vestments, vessels, and other articles
Generous quotations from the documents of the Church and from scripture
Detailed and practical instructions for how to serve, set up, and clean up for Mass and other rites
Frequently asked questions with answers
Questions for discussion and reflection
Information in conformity with the most recent liturgical documents
An annotated resource section
Glossary for easy reference
Instructive photos, charts, and text boxes
Prayers of preparation

This book can be used by:

High School Students
College/University Students
Young Adults
Your servers will learn how to bow, how fast to walk during the procession, how to swing the thurible, and more information concerning all their liturgical responsibilities. This comprehensive guide covers the Mass, as well as additional rites such as Baptisms, funerals, and weddings.



Title:Guide for Servers
Author:Shadduck, Robert D, Turner, Paul, WILLIAMSON, TODD & Laughlin, Corrina
PB105 pages
Publisher:Liturgy Training Publications
CTS Code:R
CBPC Code:RBU050112


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