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John Paul II

Blessed John Paul II
By Sala, Renzo (Author)
"Published to commemorate his beatification, this small, illustrated booklet traces the life of Blessed John Paul II, from his first steps, through his time as a worker, then a priest, and finally Pope and shepherd of the Church." more information
$3.95 AUD
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Dies Domini
By John Paul II, Pope (Author)
 more information
$5.95 AUD
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John Paul II: Legacy and Witness
By Gascoigne, Robert (Author)
"The book gives the reader an appreciation of the range and significance of John Paul II's papacy." more information
$12.95 AUD
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Third Millennium, The
By John Paul II, Pope (Author)
 more information
$4.95 AUD
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Saint John Paul II: Be Not Afraid
By Wallace, FSP, Susan Helen (Author)
"Those who read the life of Blessed John Paul II will be inspired to live their faith with courage and enthusiasm. John Paul II never let oppression and tyranny spoil his dreams or dampen his faith. He never tired of telling the world: Do not be afraid. It is a message every child needs to hear as they try to be a true follower of Jesus. Ages 9 to 12." more information
$17.95 AUD
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Be Not Afraid: Wisdom from John Paul II
By John Paul II, Pope (Author)
"This collection contains famous writings, audiences, and homilies from the beloved Saint John Paul II." more information
$21.95 AUD
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Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves
By Evert, Jason (Author)
 more information
$49.95 AUD
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Year of Faith with Blessed John Paul II
By John Paul II, Pope (Author)
"Blessed John Paul II is our guide through the Year of Faith" more information
$6.95 AUD
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How to Spread the Gospel: Advice and encouragement from Pope Benedict XVI
By Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus (Author)
"Uplifting and thoughtful advice from the Holy Father on how to share your faith" more information
$4.95 AUD
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Human Person, The: According to John Paul II
By Bransfield, J. Brian (Author)
"In the 20th Century three social revolutions--the industrial, sexual and technological revolutions--challenged the religious convictions of many. John Paul II's teaching on the theology of the body was his response to the resulting societal shifts." more information
$33.95 AUD
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John Paul II - The Story of My Life
By John Paul II, Pope; Gaeta, Saverio (Author)
"This book collects the memories of John Paul II and brings you into an intimate "talk" with this beloved pope." more information
$40.95 AUD
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John Paul II: My Beloved Predecessor
"This collection of texts by Benedict XVI, composed both before and after his election to the pontificate, is a testimony to his close relationship with John Paul II, born over a quarter of a century of close collaboration by two of the most important religious figures of the new millennium." more information
$39.95 AUD
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Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II-4CD
By Flynn, Vinny (Author)
"A 4-CD set that includes both a long and short version of each set of mysteries." more information
$59.95 AUD
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John Paul II - The Great Mercy Pope
By Kosicki, CSB, Fr George W (Author)
"Beatification Edition" more information
$11.95 AUD
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Familiaris Consortio
By John Paul II, Pope (Author)
"Taking into account many profound and rapid changes affecting society and culture, this seminal document addresses the importance of Christian marriage and the family. Addressed to as wide an audience as possible, Pope John Paul II offers a perfect summary of the Church's vision of marriage and family life, presenting new horizons on the beauty and grandeur of the vocation to love and serve life." more information
$10.95 AUD
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