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Misericordiae Vultus - Special Edition
By Pope Francis (Author)
"SPECIAL EDITION" more information
$5.95 AUD
In Stock.
Words from the Wound
By Coleridge, Archbishop Mark (Author)
"Selected Addresses, Letters and Homilies of Archbishop Mark Coleridge" more information
$24.95 AUD
In Stock.
40 Days with Paul
By Wansbrough, Henry (Author)
"Offers brief reflections on 40 passages from the letters of St Paul, helping you to take to heart Paul's teachings and follow his example of undying love for Jesus. Ideal for reading during Lent, or at any time throughout the year!" more information
$5.95 AUD
In Stock.
50 Days of Glory
By FitzPatrick, James; Woodward, Dorothy (Author)
"The scripture readings, reflections, meditations, thanksgiving prayers will help you to live with Christ the final glory days of his earthly life." more information
$5.95 AUD
In Stock.
Way of the Cross, The
By Levivier, Juliette (Author)
"A book to help children learn to meditate on the Passion of Jesus. Beautifully illustrated and in simple language." more information
$9.95 AUD
In Stock.
Star in the Holy Night, A
By Jeschke, Mathias; Ferri, Guiliano (Author)
"SPECIAL PRICE! An award-winning author and artist have come together to produce a visually magnificent book telling the story of the first Christmas - an excellent gift book for both adults and children." more information
$14.95 AUD
In Stock.
Cross: An Australian Journey, The Powerpoint
By Barnes, Sr. Helen (Author)
"The evocative Australian Stations of the Cross painted by Sr Helen Barnes rsj made a deep impression when they were published in a book in 2008. Now, for Lent and Holy Week 2011, they are available in a powerpoint resource for schools and parishes." more information
$29.95 AUD
In Stock.
Life of Christ, The
By Davies, Rhona; d'Incalci, Tommaso (Author)
"This is the life of Jesus Christ in word and picture, strikingly illustrated by Italian artist, Tommaso d'Incalci, for a new generation of readers." more information
$12.95 AUD
In Stock.
Joshua's Family
By Girzone, Joseph F. (Author)
 more information
$26.95 AUD
Stock item. Check Availability if Urgent.
Sacred Fire (Paperback Edition)
By Rolheiser, Ronald (Author)
 more information
$23.95 AUD
Stock item. Check Availability if Urgent.
A Catholic Patient's Guide to Hospital
By Scott, Fr Peter Michael (Author)
 more information
$6.95 AUD
Stock item.
Handbook of Novenas for Feasts and Seasons
By MacNiven-Johnston, Glynn; Edwards, Dr Raymond (Author)
 more information
$6.95 AUD
Stock item.
Ave Maria
By Dana (Author)
 more information
$27.95 AUD
Stock item..
Celebrating Christmas Picture Book
By Winkler, Rev Jude (Author)
"Teaches children the true meaning of the celebration of Christmas. Full-color illustrations." more information
$2.95 AUD
Stock Item. Check Availability if Urgent.
Spider's Gift - A Christmas Story
By Marshall, Geraldine Ann (Author)
 more information
$28.95 AUD
Stock Item.

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