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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: Ritual Edition
"REPRINT Beautifully bound hard cover, features the complete rite approved for use in Australia and New Zealand, and is intended for use during the actual celebration of the rite." more information
$34.95 AUD
In Stock.
My First Communion Bible
By Thomas, Marion (Author)
"Now with delightful new cover" more information
$12.95 AUD
In Stock.
New Order of Mass With A Congregation
"ON SALE - ONLY $4.95! Contains the new translation of the Order of Mass in a large easy-to-read format." more information
$4.95 AUD
In Stock.
Just What Is Sacrifice?
By Flanagan, Patrick J. (Author)
"Just What Is Sacrifice? is about the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, just what this really means and how it is celebrated through the Catholic Mass and in receiving the Eucharist." more information
$12.95 AUD
In Stock.
My Baptism Bible for Boys
By Ribbons, Lizzie (Author)
"Blue edition" more information
$15.95 AUD
In Stock.
My Baptism Bible for Girls
By Ribbons, Lizzie (Author)
"Pink edition" more information
$15.95 AUD
In Stock.
My Christening Bible (white)
By Ribbons, Lizzie (Author)
"White edition" more information
$15.95 AUD
In Stock.
Eucharistic Prayers for Concelebration
"SPECIAL PRICE ONLY $ 5.95! To assist the concelebrating priest." more information
$5.95 AUD
In Stock.
Future of the Sacrament of Penance, The
By O'Loughlin, Frank (Author)
"There is no doubt that Jesus called his first disciples, and he calls us, to conversion. Yet the sacrament of penance has fallen on hard times over recent decades." more information
$11.95 AUD
In Stock.
By Cronin, Daniel P. (Author)
"This book offers insights, for both ordained and lay people, into priestly life and ministry as experienced by 78 priests from around the world - from the Holy Father to one of the newest assistant priests. Includes Australian contributions from Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop Denis Hart, Bishop Michael Putney, and Fr Gerard O'Collins SJ." more information
$19.95 AUD
In Stock.
Why the Rites of Reconciliation Matter
By Moore, Gerard (Author)
"This book offers a sense not only of how the rites of reconciliation matter to Catholics but how our struggles with forgiveness are a real contribution to reconciliation in our world." more information
$14.95 AUD
In Stock.
Canon Law in Action
By Daly, Brendan (Author)
 more information
$9.95 AUD
In Stock.
The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage
By Anders, Dr David (Author)
"Discovering Hidden Grace in the Sacrament of Matrimony" more information
$25.95 AUD
Stock item. Check Availability if Urgent.
Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist
By Kane, John A (Author)
 more information
$21.95 AUD
Stock item. Check Availability if Urgent.
A Thomas Merton Reader
By Merton, Thomas (Author)
 more information
$27.95 AUD
Stock item..
These Are the Sacraments
By Sheen, Archbishop Fulton J. (Author)
 more information
$22.95 AUD
Stock item..

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